Does OctoberCMS provide database data migration tools?

is there a best practice for handling data in the database between the local and production environments?
This is actually a common problem from every Laravel application, the structure of the tables are already well planned using database migrations and versioning.
But data?
Let’s say I have a site when people posts content continuously, I take a production database snapshot and start developing adding new features and entries in the database.
How would you handle publishing the new tables/fields and database entries to the production database?
Does OctoberCMS also provide tools for this?

Hi and welcome @sandros87,

New features will generally seed themselves on release. The Migrations & Seeder article describes this process: Migrations & Seeding - October CMS - 3.x

There are import and export tools you can use. This answer may also be helpful: How to export CMS data

Regarding a tool to handle this precise workflow, database comparison tools can compare both schema and data. dbForge is a fantastic tool and is commonplace, especially in larger organisations.

Another option is to develop locally with temporary data, deploy to a test/staging environment that shares the production database and populate it there.

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