How to extend backend users with Sortable trait?

How to add Sortable trait to Backend\Models\User ?

Take a look at this post:

Thx. Unfortunately it’s still unclear for me.
I can do like this, right?

class CustomBackendUser extends \Backend\Models\User{
    use Sortable;

But how to swap Backend\Models\User model with my own?

Hey @boarworm

Most people I’ve seen use the system.extendConfigFile event to override the configuration to swap out the model class found in generated configuration files.

Here is an example of changing a property:

Event::listen('system.extendConfigFile', function ((string) $path, (array) $config) {
    if ($path === '/plugins/author/plugin-name/controllers/mycontroller/config_relation.yaml') {
        return $config;