Repeater: bugs and enhancements

Tailor and the Repeater widget (displayMode: builder) are a perfect match, however, I’ve noticed a few things. (v3.1.22)

entries in repeater item:
a field of type entries (displayMode: relation) with maxItems not 1 throws an error.

"Call to undefined method Tailor\Models\RepeaterItem::getBlueprintDefinition()" on line 71 of /Users/macmini/Sites/october/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Support/Traits/ForwardsCalls.php

displayMode: relation throws another error in a PopUp

Model 'Tailor\Models\RepeaterItem' has no defined connection 'category'.

after saving and reloading the item is there and can be used.

nestedform in Repeater-Item:
is empty on create. after saving and reloading it is displayed.

nestedform throws an error when exporting the Blueprint.

"Attempt to read property "attributes" on string" on line 137 of /.../modules/tailor/models/EntryRecordExport.php

Suggestions for improvement:

  • To have a cleaner UI it would be great if you could use tabs in the repeater item.

  • it would also be great if there could be a preview for an image in displayMode: accordion.

  • and permission to disallow adding repeater items

Hi @Amin

Thanks for this. We could only replicate one of these issues, using entries in a repeater. We have implemented a patch for this in v3.1.23. The nested form seems to be working fine.

Repeater Tabs are coming soon in v3.2. Thanks for your feedback!

I am also experiencing the nestedform issue