403 error problem starting month ago

One mounth ago starts to appear new problem. After some little time on website or admin panel (which is using October) appears 403 error and you can no longer to enter a website. I ask my programist an then hosting support to find where is the problem. After some time and diferent tests they found that it is becouse of cookie october_session. If you deleting it the site became to work normaly but not for a long time till this cookie apears again. This problem decrese a visits of website more than twice. Somebody knows how to solve this problem?

Hi and welcome @Oleksiy,

October uses a session and a cookie to maintain the authentication state. It is possible that when the session expires, the cookie is not working correctly, causing the 403 error. The cookie is supposed to recreate the session, and the user is logged in again.

You can disable the cookie in the configuration config/backend.php file, set the force_remember value to false.

I hope this helps.

Thank you but i cant find in the configuration config/backend.php file, set the force_remember value to false.
I can see only

maybe this ?

    | Back-end login remember
    | Define live duration of backend sessions :
    | true  - session never expire (cookie expiration in 5 years)
    | false - session have a limited time (see session.lifetime)
    | null  - The form login display a checkbox that allow user to choose
    |         wanted behavior

Do somebody know what to do with that?

Set it to false to disable the cookie, however, Laravel needs a cookie for sessions otherwise every user will be anonymous and the admin panel won’t work.

Unfortunately its not solve a problem. The error still apears. Access denied error 403 becouse of october cookies. But thank you anyway. I will talk with my programist about using some other CRM… more stable.

Sorry to hear that this problem persists. We have a professional support service if you need us to take a look at your server: Contact Us - October CMS

One other thing you can check is whether or not the storage/ directory is writable by the web server.

In summary, your server’s hosting environment appears to be a problem. Best of luck.