About Page - What differs this page

Hi, I’m a novice on OCTOBER.
It seems I can do and personalize everything. Great!
I’ve installed on my PC (apache) server to investigate how it works…

On the back end I see Content->About Page…
This page, shown on the front end at http://myoctober.local/about is composed with a sort one or more predefined blocks.
My question is: what differs this page respect to a page created adopting a composition passing by Editor::[layout,page,partials,…]?
Thank you

Hey @lonejack

The About page that comes with the demo theme is an example of a simple block builder.

Tailor: The blueprint is found under app/pages/about.yaml and the fields used are found in app/fields/block.yaml. You could delete these blueprints if you want to remove this from the Content menu.

CMS: The CMS page for this is found in themes/demo/pages/about.htm. It uses the Section component to include the about page blueprint on the page. Then, it renders the blocks found in themes/demo/partials/blocks/… as partials.

As you can see, there are many moving parts to this implementation, and it serves as one of the more interesting ways you can use Tailor.

I hope this helps, let me know if this answered your question or if I missed anything.