Accessing media manager folders results in error 403

Hi there!
I am quite new in using October CMS or CMS at all.
The setup went quite smooth but now I have an issue regarding the media manager.

I can access all files, that I add to the media manager’s top collection folder without issues.
I can also create new sub-folders and upload my files into them.

However, when I try to access these sub-folders/files in subfolders via the public link, it returns an Error Code 403.

Looking at the files in the file manager of the sever backend, I can see that by default the sub-folders and files within them don’t have read permission for public activated.

I can manually change the permission of files and folders from the server backend, but that of course is not how it is supposed to work. :sweat_smile: And it is quite tiring to do that for all future files…

Can anyone help me resolve this issue? I don’t know if I need to change sth. with the server settings or in october cms or both… As I said I am a beginner. :disappointed:
I have been looking for a solution but couldn’t seem to find it or anyone with a simmilar issue.

I am currently running Version 3.0.40 of October CMS.

Thanks a lot and have a great day!

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Hi @pandaboy, welcome.

This looks like it could be related to the default permission mask set by your server. You can configure October CMS to use more relaxed permissions by opening the .env configuration file and changing these settings:


By default, these are set to 755 and using 775 or 777 should help, however, you should check with your hosting provider if this is safe to do.

I hope this helps.

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I’d like to add on this. With Plesk (It looks like Plesk) You might want to set the DEFAULT_FOLDER_MASK to 644. That’s the default I believe. I could be wrong tho


Thank you very much for the quick answers! ^^
I tried changing the configuration file to the suggestions and create new folders each time and files to test it on.
I tried:


And in combination with the above I also tried:


Sadly, it is still showing the same error. :confused:
Do I need to do anything specific after changing the file, that I haven’t done?

The files itself appear to be fine. It is just the folders that dont have reading permission.

Maybe it is worth mentioning, that I had a version of October 2.x running on the exact same hosting server before, which worked just fine.
But I decided to reinstall october from scratch with the latest version and afterwards this issue appeared.

Anyways, thank you for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Had a quick look at this today, it looks like it may be something introduced with Laravel 9 used in October 3. The permission masks discussed here are not applying to the “Flysystem” implementation.

@Pandaboy, a patch was made today, try updating to the latest version (>v3.0.42) to see if it helps.

Thanks for looking into it again.
Unfortunately updating to v3.0.42 still didn’t resolve the issue. :smiling_face_with_tear:

No problem. Looks like it might be something related to your hosting environment. Feel free contact to email support for help with this.

Hi, are there any solutions? facing the same problem with my octobercms installation build 3.0.71

Hey @nxt_dominic

Take a look at the solution discussed here: