Add a record finder to static page layouts

I’m looking to try and add some sort of record finder as a static page variable.

My plugin has a Group model, and each group has a relation to another Event model.

On my static page layout I’d like to be able to choose a Group, so I can list the events of this group on the page.

I’ve added this as a page variable to my layout.

{variable name="group" tab="Events" type="dropdown"}{/variable}

But when I try and edit the page in the admin area I see this error.


Is there an event that I can listen for that allows me to populate this dropdown with the available Groups?

I figured it out with this bit of a code in my plugin’s Plugin.php boot method.

function boot()
     * Adds options to "scheduleGroup" variable on static page layouts
    \RainLab\Pages\Classes\Page::extend(function($model) {
        $model->addDynamicMethod('getScheduleGroupOptions', function() {
            return \My\Plugin\Models\Group::landingPageGroupsDropdownOptions();

Then in My\Plugin\Models\Group model I have this method.

 * Gets a list of groups as options for a dropdown
 * Used primarily for staticPage dropdown
 * variables on page layouts
 * @return array<string>
public static function landingPageGroupsDropdownOptions(): array
    $groups = self::select('id', 'title')->get();

    $return = [];

    foreach($groups as $group) {
        $return[$group->id] = $group->title;

    return $return;

My variable definition in my layout file looks like this…

{variable name="scheduleGroup" tab="Content" label="Events and Training" type="dropdown" emptyOption="None" commentAbove="Choose a schedule group to display on the page"}{/variable}

And in the php section of the same layout file, I use the selected group id to get the list of events from the group that I want to display to make them available in the markup.

    function onEnd() {
        if ($this->staticPage->scheduleGroup) {
            $groupId = $this->staticPage->scheduleGroup;
            $group = \My\Plugin\Models\Group::with(['events'])->find($groupId);
            $this['groupItems'] = $group->events;

And in the markup

{% if groupItems %}
    <div class="container mx-auto px-30 py-70">
        <div class="md:grid md:grid-cols-2 lg:grid-cols-3 gap-40">
            {% for item in groupItems %}
                {% partial 'groupItem' item=item %}
            {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

There’s probably a more graceful way of me getting the events to display on the page but this works for me so I’m going with it. :slight_smile: