Add onMoveItem to global AJAX events for repeater

I have my ajaxSuccess event listener for my repeater form (basics) like this:

$(document).on('ajaxSuccess', function(event, context, data, status) {
    if (context.handler === "formBasics::onAddItem") {
        // do something on add item
    if (
        context.handler === 'formBasics::onRemoveItem' ||
        context.handler === 'formBasics::onDuplicateItem' ||
        context.handler === 'formBasics::onMoveItem'
    ) {
        // do something on remove, duplicate or move item
        // here the onMoveItem isn't triggered

Now, is it somehow possible to also listen to the move item event?

Indeed, there seems to be no onMoveItem handler since it sorts on the client side. We may be able to refactor this code to include one.

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