Adding Backend rights, But How?

Added to Controller files
public $requiredPermissions = [ 'nvandendriesdev.planning.afspraak' ];

Added to Plugin.php

public function registerPermissions() {
        return [
            'nvandendriesdev.planning.afspraak' => [
                'tab' => 'OmitCentral Toolkit',
                'label' => 'Afspraak',

Added to plugin.yaml

        tab: 'OmitCentral Toolkit'
        label: 'Afspraken'

But unfortunately I don’t get the rights with my test account that I added the roll.
Can someone push me in the right direction?

and did you add the permission to the role ? and then you give that role to the test account ?

I did the stupid thing to give all my plugins the same permissions, and did not set the Permissions in the Roles, So pretty stupid from my end. Sorry.