Admin Login Language Translations Missing

I am using the demo theme and standard admin theme. There are two translations missing in the modules/backend/lang/en/lang.php file: forgot_password and login

I added these translations to the file, but when I updated October CMS core they disappeared. They should be under the account section.

 'account' => [
    'impersonate' => 'Impersonate User',
    'impersonate_confirm' => 'Are you sure you want to impersonate this user? You can revert to your original state by logging out.',
    'impersonate_success' => 'You are now impersonating this user',
    'impersonate_working' => 'Impersonating...',
    'impersonating' => 'Impersonating :full_name',
    'stop_impersonating' => 'Stop impersonating',
    'signed_in_as' => 'Signed in as :full_name',
    'sign_out' => 'Sign Out',
    'login_prompt' => 'Welcome back! Please login to your account to continue.',
    'login_placeholder' => 'username',
    'password_placeholder' => 'password',
    'enter_email' => 'Enter your email',
    'email_placeholder' => 'email',
    'apply' => 'Apply',
    'cancel' => 'Cancel',
    'delete' => 'Delete',
    'ok' => 'OK',
    // 'login' => 'Sign In',
    // 'forgot_password' => 'Forgot your password?',

It seems unusual that this would be overlooked so perhaps I am missing something, but maybe it is a bug.

Furthermore, I am trying to add these translations somewhere they wont get overridden. I found this article Override Translations with a Plugin · October CMS Tricks, created a plugin, and applied the code, but it doesn’t work.

In Plugin.php I added

use Event;
use Lang;

class Plugin extends PluginBase

 public function boot()
            // we enable language overriding
            Event::listen('translator.beforeResolve', function ($key, $replace, $locale) {
                    $plugin = 'neat.api'; // Replace this string with the path of the plugin this is being executed from

                    // Check the translation doesn't originate from this plugin
                    if (substr($key, 0, strlen($plugin)) != $plugin) {
                            // Contruct a possible translation path
                            $path = $plugin . '::lang.' . str_replace('::', '.', $key);

                            // Retrieve its results
                            $result = Lang::get($path);

                            // If an overriding translation is found, return it
                            if ($result != $path) {
                                    return $result;

Then I added the translations to plugins/neat/api/lang/en/lang.php

<?php return [
    'plugin' => [
        'name' => 'API',
        'description' => ''
    'backend' => [
        'lang' => [
            'account' => [
                'login' => 'Login',
                'forgot_password' => 'Forgot your password?',

Can anyone advise me on how to add the missing translations without them getting overridden?

You may need to compare your custom login screen with the latest version to update it. Those language strings have been replaced by

<?= __('Login') ?>
<?= __('Forgot password?') ?>

The file is located modules/backend/controllers/auth/signin.php

Thanks for the response daft. This pointed me in the right direction. I am using Backend Registration plugin - October CMS and that is where the update needs to be made.

I wasn’t able to find it because my VSCode search was ignoring files from .gitignore.

Thanks a million!