Advanced usage of Multisite feature

Hi everyone!
Does anyone know about further documentation of the multisite feature?

I’ve built multi-language support on one of the websites couple weeks ago, but never managed to dive into the depth of that. Only piece of documentation I’ve managed to find is here, but it doesn’t say anything advanced.

I was also never able to get anything working locally (Tailor entries are being updated on every language regardless of which ‘site’ I’m editing) - linguistic options only worked on staging.

Ideally in the future I want to use custom application URL feature for multiple websites on the same web application (same code, completely different content and URL on each one of them).

Any information will be much appreciated!
Many Thanks!

Hi @Marcino,

A lot of information on this topic you will find here:
Of course, you will need to install this plugin.

I managed to build a project with 10 languages, custom URLs and custom content in each language.
All this with october 2.x, but I guess with october 3.x its not much different.