All pages are accessible using /index.php/url


On all october CMS instance, even latest, all pages can be accessed using index.php in the url. FE :

This is a problem in an SEO standpoint as it’s basically duplicate content. I know it can be fixed by adding some rules in the .htaccess, maybe that rules should be present by default to prevent doing that change on all futur websites.

Personnaly, I will kill myself after that post cause I have more than 200 websites to edit actually :disappointed_relieved:.

Hi @PubliAlex

It’s in the .htaccess already, just need to uncomment it

    ## Uncomment to redirect /index.php/path to /path
    # RewriteRule ^index\.php/(.*)$ /$1 [L,R=301]

Ok good, can’t it be uncommented by default ? What is the interest of having index.php visible in the url ?

It’s a good question…

So it means it will be uncommented by default in the next release ? :sweat_smile:

If you using nginx i added this code to nginx config to prevent this, because it was breaking SEO links for bots sometimes.