API development approach with Tailor

There are several API plugins available in the marketplace. However, given the availability of Tailor as a recent alternative to manage content types, I have these questions:

  1. Will the API plugins work out of the box with the data/models generated by Tailor?

  2. Do you recommend a specific API plugin to integrate with Tailor?

  3. How authentication can be managed with an API plugin?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Hi @jeraso

October CMS has recently added a novel approach to building APIs. Here is the documentation link on the subject:

Using this approach, you can easily handle authentication and rate limiting using CMS components and layouts, which act like middleware.

Tailor and the Twig API endpoint functions are relatively new, so I wouldn’t expect them to work with some of the older plugins. Nothing stops them from this since Tailor models work just like regular ones.

I hope this helps.


It helps a lot. Thanks.

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