Audio Link Tracking

Hi, I placed an audio link in my article. How can I track how many people click on it in October?

Thank you for any assistance.

Hi @olcg2674

you could add an onclick attribute, or maybe write your own Hot Control and create a Custom Twig tag to transform you links into trackable link for example.

and then in you code you could just write this

{{ 'your_link'|trackable ]}

and it could display something like this :

<a href="your_link" data-control="trackable-link">...</a>

The hot control would maybe send an Ajax Request that lets you save any information about the click on the link.

You could find more information for Hot Controls here

And more information for Custom Twig Tags here

Hope it helps


Thank you for your feedback Lucas. I will review and try it.

Best Regards,