Autocomplete Inspector Type - add multiple values

Hi! Is there a way to insert multiple values into an autocomplete field? Right now, the drop-down menu only shows up when we start typing the first option. I want to add some other options but no drop-down appears.

I want add another padding class:

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hi, maybe you can try the taglist type of field

@chris unfortunately the taglist is not supported in components

maybe you can share more about your context

I want to add a “Classes” field to all my components/page snippets. In order not to have to remember all available classes, I want to use an ‘autocomplete’ type field. I want to be able to add several matching options.

I selected ‘padding-right’ class and then started typing the next class name. At now dropdown appears when I start typing the first class but I need it to appear every time.


A taglist field would be ideal but is not supported.

Technically an object list is used for this purpose: