Automated alarming on error

Hi everyone!

I’m just wondering what would be the best practice for the implementation of the alarming system. As some of my applications have third party API connections and multiple border-conditions involved I’d like to be informed about the issues right away as I’m not logging in to the production server too frequently.

The idea I have is to create a plugin with scheduled function running every 10 or so minutes checking system_event_logs table for anything with level set as ‘error’ and sending emails / text messages once anything is found.
I am, however, hoping that there’s a simpler way of doing that - like some sort of configuration / actual file outside of the vendor directory that’s creating the error log database entry or a method that would allow me to assign custom logic onError() application-wide. Have anyone heard of something that could be used there?

You are probably looking for something like this
Sending Errors via Email [solved] - October CMS

Or you can use this plugin

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That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thank you; that’s really helpful!