Backend data-request not working on tr element?

I am building custom sidebars in the backend and the row table tries to use a data-request AJAX call to the controller but nothing happens when user click on the row

<tr class="rowlink" data-request="onRefreshList" data-request-query="'course_id': '1', 'module_id':'3'" tabindex="0">

Hi @chris,

From what I’m seeing here: Data Attributes API - October CMS - 3.x

Forms when the form is submitted.
Links, buttons when the element is clicked.
Text, number, and password fields when the text is changed and only if the data-track-input attribute is presented.
Dropdowns, checkboxes, radios when the element is selected.

<tr> will not be considered.

Would it be better to listen to a click, get the attributes and launch the ajax call through javascript directly ? JavaScript API - October CMS - 3.x

damn, you are right, it makes sense. I’ll probably add 2 links with the AJAX inside the 2 cells then.