Backend User Role Bug

I found the backend role system a bit difficult so I decided to create a role which only grant backend access and do the rest with permissions directly on that user.

SO: This role has the permissions:

  • General > View Website during maintenance
  • General > Access the Backend Panel
  • Dashboard > View the Dashboard

SO basically it has no permissions Managing Admins in general.

Also there’s just one group for the backend: The Administrator group.

Now when I login with a backend user with this group and this role and try to edit this user, it tells me the “The role field is required.”, but the role field does not appear for that user ofc and that’s good that way cause there’s no permission for that.

So: This message should not appear if the user has no permission to change it.

Also if you have the permission, the role field is not visible in the “My Account” area. But the save probably work cause you have the permission on it.

Hi @LordRazen

If you have a role that can create administrators, you need to define another role below to assign their created administrators. Otherwise, it will disappear after creation since the new user is missing a rank.

So, in this case, the role field is required correctly. You just need to create another sub-role for the assignment.

I hope this helps.