Backend wont work in case sensitive enviroment

When I copy the site on the production server, I cannot access the backend:

This is the error:
/modules/backend/controllers/index.php): Failed to open stream: No such file or directory

The file is on the server uploaded but with the with the name Index.php, which is no index.php.
When I changed the name I’ve also have to change name Auth.php to auth.php and its working. I don’t want to rename all the files, because the problem is also in the plugins Pages and Blog. Also in update will be messed up.

Is there any settings in server or in OctoberCMS to fix this up?

Production server is apache 2.4 with php 8.0

Hello and welcome @zaq,

It is possible that you’ve deployed a cache file from a case-insensitive environment to a case-sensitive environment.

Try deleting the file storage/framework/classes.php to see if it helps.

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