Belong to many relation list pagination issues

Hello, recently i make a Many to many relation, the settings seem to work fine, except for the recordsPerPage parameter. When I use this parameter, pagination shows but error when loading pages larger than 1. My English is not good, so I made a short video about this. Please check it. Thank you!

Hi @vantran445

Welcome to the forum. What version of October CMS are you running when this error occurs?

Hi, I make the video at OC version 3.0.61. After your comment, i check system and update to 3.0.64, also try to clean cache and config, however the error still exists.

Thanks for replying. I was hoping v3.0.64 would fix it. I can’t seem to reproduce it. Does it happen anywhere in the test plugin?

Dear @daftspunky,
i will test and resend you right feedback soon.

I make some tests and get same error with test-plugin. Please see below:

Step 1:
 * In October\Test\Models\User.php, add this to create some test roles after save
 * @return void
public function afterSave()
    // Create test Roles for NEO (id = 1)
    if ($this->id == 1) {
        if ($this->roles && $this->roles->count() <= 10) {
            for ($i = 0; $i <= 20; ++$i) {
                    'name'  => 'Roles test ' . ($i + 1),
                    'description'   => 'Roles for relation test',
                    'users'   => [$this->id],

Step 2:

    label: Role
        list: $/october/test/models/role/columns.yaml
        filter: $/october/test/models/role/scopes.yaml
        showSearch: true

        # Add this to controllers/users/config_relation.yaml
        recordsPerPage: 10

Step 3:
Save data for NEO user, then see image result.

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Thanks for this, try updating to v3.0.65

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Dear @daftspunky,
The bug was fixed, that’s awesome. Thanks to your team!