Best way to sync and deploy files & database for Oct. CMS 2.0 from local to online server

Hi all. We are now getting used to V. 2 of October and we are wandering what tools your best practies use to sync changes betwen local and server side for a website developed with October? Something like automatic sync two ways with history and stuff like that.

Hope I was clear enough in my question. All the best!

I have a local environment set up with all the websites I manage, and then I use the deploy plugin to push the specific theme and plugin files to each server: Deploy plugin - October CMS

I don’t sync the database and maintain test content in the local environment. Sometimes I will make a snapshot of the production database if I need some lifelike data locally. This is rare and not a common occurrence.

Thanks for your answer. Have anyone used this solution for sync? Key Features of GoodSync
It seems a pretty good one.

Thank you in advance.

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