Blank page in all pages of the panel admin

I m new in OctobersCMS,
I m trying to change the avatar of user, but after submit i get the bank page in all pages of panel admin.
I clear the cache, updating the composer and i get the some probleme.
Any one can help me or he have the some issue.

Hi @ouhammou

Check the web server logs for the cause. Usually, when an error happens, it doesn’t display it publically and will suppress the message. Some common locations are below:

  • October CMS’ error log is found in ~/storage/logs/system.log
  • Apache’s error log is found in /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log

Hi @daft
Thank for your replaying.
I check the logs but nothing error in the log file and the some of apache.
I m craeting a new projet and when i go to change the avatar i got the some issue.

For this, it is best to email the helpdesk team for private assistance with your server. Here’s the link: Contact Us - October CMS