Blog Category Filtering

Everything seems to be working in blog tutorial (2) however filtering categories is not. It does go to the category blog/category/announcements or blog/category/uncategorized when seleted but both posts remain visable. I have checked that I have them set correctly. I must be missing something ?

Hi @Twinstream

Try installing October CMS v3, it contains a blog solution with filtered categories inside the demo theme.


I was able to launch the Docker Image Ov3 on another computer. I am limited by my current computer XAMPP setup as its PHP 7.4 with some other vendor CMS limits - thus why exploring October. One quick question before hiking up is can I use my own editor with versioning turned on as when I was on Ov2 things were disappearing and file name in the panel going untitled. Other than that the blog seems to function flawlessly and is using Bootstrap which I am used to. Is there a way to upgrade to 5.3 ? Ok enough. Thanks ! :person_raising_hand: