BrowserSync while development

Hello everyone,

does anyone use BrowserSync for development?

I want to setup it via LaravelMix but I can’t get it run.

May someone can help!

Thanks in advance

I use BrowserSync occasionally - currently with Vite, but also used Mix. Ask away! Since most of the problems are around host and proxy settings, please also mention your dev environment.

I used to use ddev. But it slows dont october on my macbook pro 2018. Now I use MampPro and the editor works normal on the same dev machine.

I cant get the host in laravel mix to run.


Sorry, been a fews days with the weekend and all. If you need more help, I’d need to see your mix config.

Key ingredient is the proxy setting: Browsersync options
Add this to the BrowserSync config in mix, like described here BrowserSync | Laravel Mix Documentation, and enter the domain name to you configured your MAMP to.
If you’re working with VirtualHosts you’ll have something like “mydomain.local”, if you’re working with a single host and have the projects in subdirectories, it will be something like “localhost/a/directory/”.

Thank you for your help.

I just tried so far the standard setup of the documentation. But then the host is not my url. I tried to change the proxy but no luck.

I will try it again tomorrow and send you a reply