Bug Report: Model's getDataTableOptions() does not get called for autocomplete fields

Using latest 3.3. Documentation says it should be invoked for both dropdown and autocomplete datatable columns. While it does work as expected for dropdown columns, it is not invoked for autocomplete columns. Looking at modules/backend/formwidgets/DataTable.php on line 161:

$table->bindEvent('table.getDropdownOptions', [$this, 'getDataTableOptions']);

Adding a new line:

$table->bindEvent('table.getAutocompleteOptions', [$this, 'getDataTableOptions']);

Solves the issue. It appears that this bug has been around for a long time.

Please let me know if there is a better way of submitting bug reports.

Hey and welcome @josh208 !

Thanks for reporting this. We’ve added this line in the next release.

Just a heads up, this forum isn’t actively monitored for bug reports. To ensure that we don’t miss anything, it is best to report platform bugs is by contacting the team via email. Here’s the link: Contact Us - October CMS

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