Bugs? In recordfinder inside repeater not work pagination

Hello, I’m using the recordfinder inside the repeater, but when I try to select a record on the next page of the recordfinder I get the following error. Is this a bug or did I do something wrong?

            label: Gifts for All
            type: repeater
                        label: Product
                        type: recordfinder
                        list: ~/plugins/offline/mall/models/product/columns.yaml
                        recordsPerPage: 10
                        title: Find Record
                        nameFrom: name
                        descriptionFrom: description_short
                        useRelation: false
                        modelClass: '\Offline\Mall\Models\Product'

The link in the address bar has changed. But after selecting an item, the parameters were not cleared. Is this also intended?

Another interesting bug, I am expanding the StaticPage plugin, I added a repeater, but when creating a new item it looks like this

But after saving and refreshing the page it becomes normal

Still need help… Please answer it.

If the recordfinder is the repeater’s field, then everything works well, but when you build another repeater with a recordfinder into the repeater, this error appears

A lot of guesswork on my side, but maybe this is helpful:

You need to make sure that your form configuration is processed, even when non of your controller actions are hit. The pattern I saw in others code and I also use, is to set a flag like ‘_gift_record_finder’ through a hidden field or manipulating the ajax request, and then check for this flag in an init function or a constructor (depending on your use case) and initialize the form/widget there.

Same bug here, deeply nested repeater form with breaks recordfinder pagination.
Снимок экрана 2023-12-15 в 16.16.35

@daft any response on this?

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@daft any response on this?

Hi guys, the forum isn’t officially monitored for bugs. If you think you may have found a bug in the platform, please report it via the helpdesk.

Thank you!

fixed in version 3.6.4