Building API endpoints with the `builderList` Component

Anyone used the new API endpoints capacity with the builderList Component instead of the Tailor Collection component?

the data return are not the same way structured, which can be difficult to manage and maintain as the Tailor way seems to be more adapted to REST API standards.

What I am trying to build is few REST API for an existing plugin with a few models to handle and few actions to perform on them.

Should I write all API logic in the plugin with a routes.php file, handling collection ressources, etc…

Any experience around that problematic anyone ?

EDIT: is there any other way to handle REST API POST method than to have a routes.php file?

I would say that the routes.php file approach is more flexible and it is based on Laravel which can follow REST API standards. The CMS routing with {% do response %} is useful for dynamic API endpoints you may need to adjust via the Editor.

thanks @daft i choose to experiment with the October Way.
I will have a page that handles specifically collection of one model, and another page that handles specific CRUD and other operations for one model.