Built-in visual editor - where is it?

Hi there,
I am absolutely new to October and just trying the Demo. On the october homepage is written:

“No programming skills needed
Non-technical users can manage page content with the built-in visual editor, manage images, videos and other files.”

OK, but I can’t find it. To change something on the homepage (Demonstration) there is just the editor (code). But how (for example secretary) can change text, images, … any content on this page? He/she has to touch / edit the code?

Sorry, maybe I am blind today. Searched now for a long time this “visual editor” (WYSIWYG) for non technical users but did not find?

Thanks for any hint & have a nice day!



Thank you for reaching out and trying the October CMS demo. We apologize for any confusion caused. The ‘visual editor’ we mention refers to non-code editors like Tailor, which is designed to make it easier for non-technical users to manage content. With Tailor, you can edit text, manage images, and handle other content without needing to touch the code. Additionally, the Media Manager in October CMS allows for easy management of images and files.

Please let us know if you need further assistance or guidance in using these features. We’re here to help ensure your experience with October CMS is smooth and enjoyable.

Have a great day!

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thank you for your response. But this s not the solution we are lookig for to let some colleagues edit websites without knowledge of code or use an external editor.

I “missunderstood” when I read “visual editor”, I mentioned that it is build-in.

Thanks for your response!


Take a look at this plugin : Static Pages plugin - October CMS

You can install it using:

php artisan plugin:install rainlab.pages