Cannot SoftDelete a Model

I’m a bit confused with the SoftDelete trait right now:

I use it plenty of times in my models, so basically this works for me.

However on one model, It shows me the message: “Error - Access denied”. Since I am the main admin it should not be a permission issue. Here’s the button:

    <button class="btn btn-sm btn-default oc-icon-trash-o" data-request="onDelete"
        data-request-confirm="<?= e(trans('backend::lang.list.delete_selected_confirm')) ?>" data-list-checked-trigger
        data-list-checked-request data-stripe-load-indicator>
        <?= e(trans('backend::lang.list.delete_selected')) ?>

If I use the trash-button inside the model form, the deletion works. Also there’s the deleted_at column as well as the SoftDelete Trait included. Else the delete in the model wouldnt work anyways.

So I wonder: What did I miss here?