Can't create new blog post

Steps to reproduce

  • Log in as Super Admin / Owner
  • Go to Admin > Blog > Posts
  • Click ‘New Post’ button

What should happen

  • I should be redirected to the new post page, with form to add new post content

What happens instead

  • I am redirected to an empty dashboard page, which displays error: “Form record with an ID of [id] could not be found.”, where [id] is a numeric value.


  • Why is this happening?
  • How can I fix it?

For what it’s worth, the URL that displays the error is http://localhost:8080/admin/tailor/entries/blog_post/:id?draft=:id

Edit 2
The same issue exists for Content > All Articles > Article > New Article, but it doesn’t exist for Blog > Categories. Looking further, I’ve discovered that I can work around it if I modify the Blog Post Bluepring by changing drafts key value to false. Now, this is not ideal, because I want to keep the possibility to save posts as drafts.

I hope I’m wrong, but this looks to me like a bug more than anything else. How do I proceed from here?

Hey @tevskapoan

If you believe you have found a bug in the October CMS software, please email the details to the helpdesk: Contact Us - October CMS

I hope this helps!

Hi @daft , thanks a lot for the reply. My main problem actually is not how to report bugs for October CMS, but rather how to answer the above two questions, specifically:

  • Why is the quoted problem happening?
  • How can I fix it?

Would you perhaps know? Could you at least confirm, or deny, if you are experiencing the same issue? Thanks in advance.

Hi @tevskapoan

Answering your questions would require us to know more about the context of your issues.

Are you using a plugin? if yes, which one?

According to the url you are sharing, it looks like you are using some Tailor blueprints. Where are the from? What is the blerprint code looks like for a post?

Hi @chris , many thans for your help. I am not using any plugins, and my website is a fresh clean installation of OctoberCMS. All I did was follow OctoberCMS documentation to create a new project, and have not done any further customisations whatsoever.

So, to clarify: I do not have any plugins installed, let alone activated. The Tailor blueprints you’re refering to must have been created during the installation process, along with all the other things created by ‘php artisan october:install’.

The code from ‘Blueprints > Blog > Post’ looks like this:

uuid: edcd102e-0525-4e4d-b07e-633ae6c18db6
handle: Blog\Post
type: stream
name: Post
drafts: false

    buttonCreate: New Post

    label: Blog
    icon: octo-icon-file
    iconSvg: modules/tailor/assets/images/blog-icon.svg
    order: 95

    label: Posts
    icon: octo-icon-pencil
    order: 100

        name: Regular Post
                tab: Edit
                label: Content
                type: richeditor
                span: adaptive

                type: mixin
                source: Blog\PostContent

        name: Markdown Post
                tab: Edit
                label: Content
                type: markdown
                span: adaptive

                type: mixin
                source: Blog\PostContent