Can't set default values in text input fields

I am not able to set default values in text input fields.

  label: Bla
  type: text
  default: Bla

is this a bug or did I miss something?

Hi @Amin

Nothing has changed that should affect this. We have tested the functionality and it appears to work as normal. In what context are you using this?

Hi @daftspunky,
that’s strange. It is a normal form-field in a Tailor blueprint. I have also tested it in the demo theme with the blog plugin (Tailor)…unfortunately without success. btw. its a fresh Installation. Do you have any idea what this could be?

Oops, I missed the “Tailor” tag on this post!

The default values don’t apply in conjunction with the drafts: true configuration. An empty record is created when this is enabled, so the default values are lost. We will look at introducing a fix for this soon.


Is there a workaround to have default values in Tailor fields, or we need to wait for the fix to be applied?

Hi @jeraso,

This should be fixed in the latest version. Make sure you are using the latest (3.1.20+).

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Thanks. I will check.