Can't update 1.x 471 to 476 on sahred hosting

I have an old October CMS installation based on shared hosting.
It’s the 471 build. From the backend I can’t update nor plugins nor the system.
Am I missing something or it’s only possible with a composer?

Hi and welcome @01Kuzma

It should be possible to upgrade from 471. What happens when you try? Do you see any error messages?

Hi @daftspunky ,
when I press the “Check for updates”, the message “No new updates were found.” appear.
Force update also doesn’t make any sense.
By default cms.php have this parameter: 'edgeUpdates' => false,
If I change to 'edgeUpdates' => true, and check for the updates nothing changes.
here is a screenshot, demonstrating the default situation:

Also the system status widget shows information, that the system is up-to-date

There may be something wrong with the recorded version in the database. The change log should not show versions for 470, 469, 468, etc. since you already have them.

You may contact us for support with this: Contact Us - October CMS

Fixed, there were some issues with the server and config file. Had to rewrite it