Can't update October Builder plugin locally

I am having trouble updating Builder plugin for October CMS. Im stuck on 1.2.6 and there is 2.0.5 out now. Any ideas? I don’t get any errors, it just never updates. This is on my local install and then I deploy to the main server.

If you are using OctoberCMS v3.

  1. Locate “composer.json” at the root of your project.


In this example, you find the builder plugin at line 12.

You can change it for:

"rainlab/builder-plugin": "^2.0"
  1. Run “composer update”

  2. Run “php artisan october:migrate”

Then, you will be up-to-date.

If you are using October CMS v1 or v2

"rainlab/builder-plugin": "^1.2"

Thank you. I did work this out eventually but thank you for the clear guide to doing it.

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