Child theme should be able to seed parent theme blueprint


I’m working on a project that use parent / child theme.

The parent theme have some blueprint associated with it under seeds/blueprint folder inside the parent theme.

When I add a new child theme with the parent theme above, the logic would be to also inherit blueprint and being able to seed child theme with parent theme blueprint.

Instead of that, in my backend, when I click in “manage” button of my child theme, I don’t have the “seed content” option.

To get it (and so, to be able to seed my theme), I have to copy the seed folder of my parent theme to the child theme, and so, I loose the interest of parent / child theme inheritance.

Is it by design, if yes, why ? or is it a bug ?

Thank you

Hey @Zmove

It is an oversight, for sure. I have made a note of this in our internal tracker.


@daft Thank you very much