Concept of pages and subpages in OctoberCMS

Hello friends,
I am thinking about switching from MODX (although it is a hard decision).
I like the concepts of october but when testing the docker image I am a little bit confused with the admin interface.
Do I understand it right that without something like the Static Pages plugin you only see something like a resource tree in the folder structure of the page files, i.e. only a dev sees it?
It seems a little bit strange that you need a plugin for such a simple concept. Or do I think too much in ‘Modx terminology’?
Is there maybe a doc resource about that?

Hi @joewild

The Pages plugin is an earlier design that satisfies a specific use case.

Take a look at the “Wiki” example in the demo theme. It is the same concept as the Pages plugin, designed using Tailor instead, which is more flexible. You can manage the wiki fields via Editor → Blueprints as a dev and via Content → Wiki as a publisher.


Thanks for the quick response! I think that solves my confusion.