Create form from Frontend

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I have a form where the Managers will register some details after registration they have to create form with custom fields to invite team members with that custom form. It have to done by frontend only. through laravel the work has been done by old developer. have to do in October cms.

Hello @Logendher

Take a look at the Vanilla theme, it shows several examples, including user registration. The plugins it uses are also good examples to learn from.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for your Response sir, I have Check this but no use. I have to Create a Form from frontend. I think is not possible with october cms directly to create a table with cutom fields form frontend. So, Planning to create an array from in table and save the data in the array form. But still i am working on it. Can you help me to make it.

Example Input box from front end. Visitor will create a NAME field in text type, EMAIL field in email type and submit. It will save in array to database. and another user will come and he can see the form and fill his/her NAME/EMAIL and submit. This data also going to save in the array form in database column.