Create Page in Folder

I already create new folder in Editor > Pages from explorer. But when i access from Backend Administrator, i try to create new Page but it cannot move in this new Folder.
Example : New Folder name is “member”. I try naming the file with “member/file1” but still cannot placed into Folder member.

How do i solve this?

o_O Indeed… not sure if some menus are missing on the folders within the editor.

A quick workaround: Create the page on the root folder, move it to the “member” folder and reload the Editor in the October Backend :wink:

Yap… that’s what i’m doin… but it feels not right hahaa… but thanks anyway

Did u know, that there are “Settings” under “Page”, where you can type filename, then create any structure as u wish?


if you type in member/login, this will create new folder and file place inside.
Check video / Záznam 2023-07-07 201508.mp4 - VEED