Creating a downloadable pdf file or a dox file

We are making a website that collects specific user input to create a “legal” form. The idea of the site is that a user comes to the site and selects what kind of document he wants. For example a registration form, so he fills in the details like a name date of birth phone number address, etc. Website collects that information for the moment and based on the user input generates a downloadable PDF or a DOC file. The problem is with the apps/plugins are there any great options to use to just fill in the blanks and give a file. It can be received directly on the page or emailed to the recipient.

Hi and welcome @Edijs,

A document service is a common idea. One approach would be to think of other wider requirements. For example, what if access to the documents was a paid subscription? Each user interaction should be captured holistically.

One approach is to register them in a user database. The first step could be to install the User plugin:

The vanilla theme contains an implementation of this plugin:

Next, the plugin allows you to restrict access to areas using the [session] component. You could even divide users into groups and give them access to their areas with available downloads.

If different questions are needed for different forms, then this would require that you build a survey capture system using a custom plugin. Each survey response could belong to the user that is registered.

I hope this helps.

In our system, we would have like 100 types of documents. What are your suggestions to automize new document template creation using the admin panel? So at first for testing we manually create the documents but later on the admin without coding could put together a new type of document. Example document is is available here ( Document full example ( google docs ) )
All of the yellow is going to be the end-user input from the forms. And documents like this could be created/published using the admin pannel something like a CRUD forms. Have you got any suggestion for plugins to use