Creating Menu with Parameter from RainLab.Pages?

Hi community!
Is it possible to add a parameter to a menu link item using a CMS Page?
For instance the CMS page defined a param like account/{{page}}
and in the user menu defined with RainLab.Pages, I’d like to add menu items linked to this CMS page and specify the param page. How is that possible?

I extended the plugin but would like to show this extra dropdown only for a particular CMS page, is this possible?

public function extendRainLabPages(): void
        Event::listen('backend.form.extendFields', function ($widget) {

            if (
                !$widget->getController() instanceof \RainLab\Pages\Controllers\Index ||
                !$widget->model instanceof \RainLab\Pages\Classes\MenuItem
            ) {

                'viewBag[account_page]' => [
                    'tab' => 'Account Pages',
                    'label' => 'Account Pages',
                    'commentAbove' => 'Select the account pages to link the menu to. (Only for the User Menu)',
                    'type' => 'dropdown',
                    'options' => [
                        'dashboard' => "Dashboard",
                        'profile' => 'Profile',
                        'company' => 'Company',
                        'contacts' => 'Contacts',

You might be able to get away with doing this without extending the plugin. In your page layout, you can use the following special syntax:

{variable name="color" label="Color" tab="Header" type="dropdown"
    options="blue:Blue | orange:Orange | red:Red"

More info in the documentation here: pages-plugin/ at master · rainlab/pages-plugin · GitHub