CSS holding between layouts

Hello everyone,

I am hopeful someone else may have run into this situation and have a solution for me.

I currently have my webpage setup with two layouts; one for one group of pages, and another for the second group. The first group is the ‘default’. When on the website, if someone clicks onto a page with the second layout, it correctly displays the page. However, if they click back onto a page in the first group, it still holds onto the layout from the second group, until the page is refreshed.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can solve this?

Thank you for your time.

Maybe it’s the turbo router, can you do this to test ?

To completely disable PJAX in your website, set the value to disable . This will disable the feature for all incoming and outgoing requests.

    <meta name="turbo-visit-control" content="disable" />
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That has solved the issue, thank you so much!