Custom flash message / Ajax / ValidationException

Probably some kind of bug or something, but… i made (like docs mentoined) a custom partial flash-messages.htm and following steps, added a meta tag to header and ajaxPartial included in layout, but…

when flash message is called from code like Flash::success, etc. it will show this “customized” flash messages, but, when is called from ValidationException or other, it shows default markup like

<div class="oc-flash-message {{ type }} flash-show"><span>{{ message }}</span><a class="flash-close"></a></div>

any ideas, how to “force” to use a customized ajaxPartial? or it was used only as a request-update ? or redirect? or something?

This looks old. Do we need to update the docs?

Look at the file modules/backend/layouts/_flash_messages.php for the backend’s approach.

<div data-control="flash-message" class="oc-hide" data-type="<?= $type ?>" data-interval="5"><?= e($message) ?></div>

i followed this / Flash Messages - October CMS - 3.x but this is loaded only when is request-update … any kind of AjaxException or ValidationException uses hardcoded oc.flashMsg() … which uses mentoined markup from @daft comment … then, i think, there are only 30% customizability of flash messages, because other methods are hardcoded in flash-messages.js