Custom maintenance page at "php artisian down" mode

In Lavarel, there is an option to include an attribute with the “php artisan down” command. Unfortunately I can’t find any documentation about this from OctoberCMS - Is there this possibility?
I would like to make a custom maintenance page. The option “maintenance page” in the admin panel is not really an option for me, because I initiate the maintenance page via CLI.

You could write your own CLI command via a plugin that automatically puts the website down by saving the settings in the database. Just spit balling here.

Not sure if there is something already created for this, but I’ll let someone more experienced with the backend answer that.

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Hey @BIT,

The artisan down command is available and it works according to the Laravel spec. This is partly why we deprecated the october:down command, since it used to do something very different!

Here’s an example of using the down command:

  1. Create a file named app/views/offline.php
  2. Place the HTML content in here to display during maintenance mode
  3. Run php artisan down --render=app::offline

The view file should be displayed and you can bring the app back online with php artisan up.

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