Custom Validation Class Error

I have a custom validation class


namespace Voilaah\Astar\Classes\Validators;

use Illuminate\Contracts\Validation\Rule;

class UENValidator implements Rule
   public function passes($attribute, $value)
       return false;

   * message gets the validation error message.
   * @return string
  public function message()
    return 'The :attribute must be a valid business UEN registered with ACRA.';


and I see this error

Error: Class "Illuminate\Validation\Validator" not found in /Users/christophevidal/Sites/oc-accm2/vendor/october/rain/src/Validation/Validator.php:9

Hi @chris

If the Illuminate\Validation\Validator class is missing, it is a serious problem since it suggests Laravel is missing or incomplete. Try running composer update to repair your installation.

Hopefully it resolves this error.

damn, you are right. How is that possible that my system lost this class only? weird

I’m not sure why one file would ever be missing. Deploying with composer is usually quite stable, and it is a reason we switched to it.