Customize rich editor and live edit tailor

Hello, so i i am trying to migrate old rainlab blog to tailor, but there is couple of things missing.

1.I would like to have something like live editor, which i had in my october 2 - i can still live without it, but would be nice to have, maybe there is some solution out there?
2.How can i customize for example image insert from backend richeditor with custom options for example small/big which adds class or wraps the image within div or something simular?

Hi and welcome @SpongeLV,

The Boxes plugin comes to mind when thinking about this. It is very powerful and can produce visually edited pages:

To create custom CSS classes for images, visit the Settings → Editor Settings area. In the Markup Classes tab you can insert new class names. To style these classes, navigate to Settings → Customize Backend and visit the Styles tab.

Will test out boxes, but im not sure if it will fit my needs.

for the 2nd point. What about elements which are not in editor settings like, video, iframe, audio is there specific way to display them differently with classes or any other way?

We’re working on adding this ability soon with Snippets:

What was the plugin you were using in v2?

Plugin we used for editor in v2 was custom made by some guy who is no longer reachable and it was made for

I was actually trying to use rainlab blog first, but there was so mutch errors and glitchiness in in v3 that i decided to remake as mutch as i can in tailor, which i did and it seemed like working as intended, except richeditor options. actually there isnt that mutch of things that we need, but they are specific small things which are important. Hard to explain.