Customized Tailor backend

I would like to know which is the best approach to further customize the backend GUI generated by Tailor blueprints. For instance, instead of change the underlying code and the CSS styles, is there a quick way to customize the content menu, put a separator between items, and so on? Maybe some kind of templating system?

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Hi @jeraso

Blueprints can define custom navigation using the navigation property:

Thanks for the reply.
I was aware of that part of the documentation. However, I was looking for more ways to customize the backend interface from the blueprint, like creating separators in the side menu, change the layout, and things like that.

You might be able to get away with creating a plugin and customizing things in the boot method depending on the page.

You can inject js or css by using the following code in your plugins boot() method:

Event::listen('', function ($controller, $action, $params) {

You can also use the models for the entry records and lookup the specific record to determine which page gets assets. That info is here:

Thanks for your reply.

Developing a plugin is an option. However, Iā€™m looking for a guide to customize the backend GUI as it gets generated by Tailor tool.

Hmm, you might be able to get away with just adding backend styles in the backend area.

The link to that is /BACKEND_URI/system/settings/update/october/backend/branding#primarytab-styles

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Without anything specific, using a backend skin lets you override core parts of the layout, including the navigation. Here is an example plugin that does this: