Datepicker / mode: date fields save time in nestedforms

I use a datepicker field in a nested form and only want to save the date with this field.

However, I recognized that the time is save to the database nowadays. So I tested this setup in the fields.yaml of “Person” of the Playground plugin and added this beforeSave() method to see what arrives:

            tab: 'test'
            type: nestedform
            showPanel: true
                        label: 'TEST'
                        tab: 'test'
                        type: datepicker
                        mode: date
                        format: Y-m-d
    public function beforeSave()

It turns out that the featured_day has the time instead of just the date which seems like a bug to me.

[2024-05-04 07:21:39] local.INFO: Array
    [preferred_name] => Joey
    [name] => Joe Dirt
    [is_married] => 
    [sports] => 
    [hobbies] => 
    [featured_info] => Array
            [featured_day] => 2024-05-14 07:21:37


OctoberCMS 3.6.17

Just tested it.

With this:

        label: Date
        mode: date
        type: datepicker

In beforeSave, I do have the hh::mm::ss as well. But in database, my field “date” (type: date) only contains the date, hh:mm:ss is not present - maybe it’s cut somewhere in the process while saving.

If the database cannot save the time I guess it’s cut off there, right?

The thing is: This date is saved in a jsonable field / nestedform. And according to the values in the database, the value was stored as pure date earlier. That’s why I wonder if something changed.