DDEV OctoberCMS Backend

Hello everyone,

i am working with Docker and DDEV and the backend of October loads quite slowly. I am not that experienced with that issue. So I want to ask if there are any experiences to speed up the backend.

Thank you

Hey @MateThemes

Docker can run slowly on Windows due to slow disk operations between Windows filesystem and the Unix filesystem.

Here is an article that talks about it:

hey @daft, i want to work on Windows too
in case of how slow is docker with volume mapped to local file storage, i gave up, i can work with VS Code attached to container, that’s no problem for me. Without any volumes attached speed is quite impressive - @MateThemes, try the same, it really helped!

I plan to create some plugin adapted specially to my needs in any free time i had (at home, away from home, at holiday in free time…) so i propably need to work independly from few PC’s, all have Windows installed.

for convenience, I would like to create a docker-compose file that will be:

  • created a container based on the docker-compose file (image: octobercms/october-dev)
  • included variables provided in the specified .env file
  • added the “RainLab.Builder” plugin and others, if necessary
  • set the license - is it possible from the docker-compose.yml/.Dockerfile file?
  • downloaded the current .GIT repository with the plugin from a specific path?

Is it possible for me to create such a convenient file and make it convenient to work on every computer, and in the event of reinstalling the system, messing with the files and then deleting and creating a new container, will it allow me to conveniently use such a configuration?

If so, can you give any hints on how to do it most conveniently?

After each significant change, I want to push the changes to the GIT server, on every device I can’t access, then I want to download the current version of the files thanks to GIT and continue working on the code :))