DependsOn in Repeater Form Widget

DependsOn on a field in a Repeater Form Widget updates the entire widget, resetting the section in which the information is being edited. Are there methods to update dependent fields in the Repater Form widget? And also interested in the answer to the question. I made a button on which a modal window opens, in which I create a new entry. When the create button is clicked, the information is written to the database, how do I update the select in the repeater to display the new data?

Currently implemented like this
return $this->formRefreshFields([‘fields’]);

But the formWidget is completely updated, and not the field that I need, and the first item in the formWidget becomes active

Please help!!! The documentation doesn’t answer the question.

Thinking about this… if you use the changeHandler property, you should be able to target (and refresh) anything on the page.