Deploy Plugin beacon

Hey there,

I have a question to the Deploy Plugin. Is it possible to connect a beacon on two dev machines? Does anyone have experience with this?

Thank you in advance

it should be but, be forewarned, there will be instances where you may overwrite some work. if you do this, I’d use a git repository to sync the changes through dev envs

But that wont work with the deploy plugin or not? It don’t know that there is a way to sync with git and the deploy plugin. Am I wrong?

It would. I’ll explain the scenario

Say for instance you have two dev environments, Dev A and Dev B, and one git repository to track the changes. Both Dev A and Dev B are tracked on the develop branch. You can sync the changes from Dev A and Dev B. (and vice versa)

The git repository has the Deploy plugin installed. That means both Dev A and Dev B have the deploy plugin installed.

Lets say you want to deploy your changes from the Dev B environment. No problem, it works as expected. You’ll get the same outcome with Dev A.

Now lets say that Dev A’s development branch is ahead of Dev B. If you deploy from Dev B, It’ll work. You’ll get the same outcome for Dev A. The only difference is that the files will be overwritten every time.

Now this can be a problem if you deployed Dev B over Dev A (Since Dev A is ahead of Dev B).

I hope that makes sense

Also, if you mean having multiple beacons, You can just create a new one in the dev env and deploy to that url.