Deploying plugins using the Deploy Beacon


I’m using the deploy beacon from my local machine to update OctoberCMS. It works absolutely fine if I just update the core files to the latest version. However when I just want to update the plugins (I have blog, blog video and one of my own custom plugins to upload) it just simply doesn’t update them and install them on the production site. Any ideas? No errors or anything. It just doesn’t do a thing.


I suggest that you add ?debug=1 to the local machine when you do it so you can errors if any exist.

Can you advise where I put this? Also I can see that it has deployed the files correctly onto my production server in the plugins directory, just they aren’t installed correctly.

One of them i’m trying to deploy is just the standard rainlab blog plugin and even that won’t work.

In the url bar of where the local deploy plugin is installed.

Just go to the website that you want to deploy and then add that to the end of the URL.

As far as the plugins being uploaded but not being updated, by using the console to run this command


Seems like the server is not able to run it with the deploy plugin.

If I put it in the base url it then doesn’t find the beacon anymore.

Also if I run this command from the console. It just replies this…

<whisper>= </whisper>0

That’s normal (The last bit). Try seeing if the plugins got updated.

Oh, i don’t mean put it there, i mean put it in the actual URL bar. Like this:


Ah ok, i’ve done that and it doesn’t show any issue or throw any error when deploying.

Thanks for your help by the way. Is appreciated.

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No, no change at all. Still won’t show the plugin in the plugins list.

I mean i’ve deployed before to get to version 3 of octobercms so it has worked… just its not now and nothing has changed. I take it that it works with version 3 of octobercms still?

It does actually. One last thing to do is to try and flush the cache with the Console


That usually fixes issues with me. It also might be the host caching really aggressively.

and no problem!

Just checked the database on the production site and no tables have been created so no the migrations aren’t running for my plugin or the rainlab blog plugin when deployed.

Plus clearing cache didn’t do any change.

In that case, I’d check to see if the host is interfering with the deployment script. That’s SUPER weird.

Try running the migrate commands directly on the server to see if that does anything as well.

Artisan::call(‘october:migrate’) now worked strangely after doing the cache clear. I can now see my plugins. Very odd but glad its worked ok.

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Awesome! I’d potentially file a bug with the founders as well to see whats up